2020-2-21 Friday
Special research in Vehicle License Plate Recognition
 Product Introduction:


[PlateDSPTM Vehicle License Plate Recognition System V6]is a real-time Auto Capture Images vehicle license plate recognition system . Its recognition time is less than 10ms and does not need any earth sense coil. One computer can complete 48 channels video recognition frame by frame. Our system is suitable for many kins of different speeds and in the high-speed application,its capacility is better by far than its similar products.

Our company's first edition recognition software[PlateDSPTM Vehicle License Plate Recognition System] has entered the market officially in June, 2003. After several years, it has made great progress, especially in the market of the mobile electronic police system and the like, which requires the product is highly real-time.Our software surpasses its similar products obviously and owns the public praise. According to users' feedback, as well as the requirement of the technological innovation, our company has developed [PlateDSPTM Vehicle License Plate Recognition System V6].

Main function:
Improve the fast artificial intelligence algorithm, enhance largely the veracity of one-frame recognition of picture and multi-frame recognition of successive video flow
Support recognising Daheng and Microview high definition camera images and support multiple goals
Provide notices with running vehicles and characters for us,which can guarantee better capture effect in weak light
Provide us with the notices which can show which vehicles are out-of-bounds, so that applications can process the current records faster
Built-in practical plate statistics filtering functions and events
Provide the video with the function of checking speed for some specific applications
Save multi-thread image file and make better use of CPU
Intelligent vehicle license plate automatic tracking can recognise the direction of running vehicles,which can help the applications in one-roadway and two-car steam
Combined well with the video so as to help the user develop the advanced hard disk video record system(DVR)with the function of auto-retrieving vehicle license plate
The perfect function of video replaying may replay frame by frame and capture pictures so as to get the picure evidence in record
The additional function of character overlapping can lowlap the characters in the captured pictures and the video records
Besides auto-supporting the DirectShow vedio device, it can also support Haheng and Microview Imavision Video Series.The CPU Usage is low and can complete multiple recognition channels
It contains built-in GDI+ and also supports recognising and saving *.BMP/*.JPEG/
More convenient and more reliable for application encryption
The width of the vehicle plate can be displayed real-timely so as to help put the project into practice
Based on dll/so/ocx component technology,it can support VC,VB,BCB,DELPHI,C#,JAVA development
Support SDK on Windows, linux and Android


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